7th Special Operation Squadron / Air Commando Squadron
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Our membership is made up of  past and present members of the 7th Air Commando Squadron, detachments thereof, and 7th Special Operations Squadron.  We also accept members as “Friends of the 7th” if you were assigned to a higher echelon of our unit (Wing/Group), assigned on a temporary basis, were collocated with our unit, provided a support function, or just formed a close relationship with the squadron on some exercises.  “Friends of the 7th” will be granted membership on an individual case-by-case basis.

The 7th Special Operations Squadron was activated on 1 July 1964 as the 7th Air Commando Squadron (7 ACS/USAFE) at Sembach Air Base, Germany. The original cadre came from Hurlburt Field, Florida, in March 1964, as Detachment 4, 1st Air Commando Wing. The new squadron was equipped with 4 C-123s, 6 C-47s and 2 U-10 aircraft, and had 265 personnel authorized. In February 1967, the 7 ACS was designated as the unit to receive the new C-130E(I) Combat Arrow aircraft. In May 1967, command of the squadron was transferred from USAFE to 17th Air Force.  The 7th has now transitioned to the CV-22 as the last  Combat Talon MC-130H left the 7 SOS from RAF Mildenhall, England. The Squadron's is scheduled to relocate to Spangdahlem, Germany by 2020.
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